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Former Louis Armstrong International Airport leaders overcharged ...
Mar 13, 2012 . The inspector general's office analyzed more than 3000 credit card transactions . then approve their own credit card reconciliation reports, essentially reviewing . Mandeville council race pits 3 candidates for 2 at-large posts .

Report: Metro workers abused credit cards - The Washington Post
Mar 19, 2012. and other items with agency credit cards, according to the agency's inspector general. . commentEndDate:4/2/12 11:0 EDT! . The problem was so bad, according to the report, that authorities in the District and Prince .

NEW ORLEANS Office of Inspector General
June 28, 2011, OIG Report Release Re: Credit Card Statements. June 16, 2011 . Annual Report. March 2, 2011, FBI Executive joins Inspector General Office .

Office of Inspector General
Feb 15, 2012 . Office of Inspector General. Page 2 of 8 Follow-Up Report: Travel, Expense & Credit Card Policies. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The Office of .

Audit Report on "Credit Card Usage at the - IGnet
The Ohio Field Office (Field Office) uses the credit card system . unallowable and non-reimbursable items in its credit card policy and cardholder guidelines, (2 ) require . The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has issued one audit report .

CBC: What kinds of problematic lending practices are you seeing?

news.html | New York State Office of the Inspector General
The Inspector General's Office is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that . policies on using state credit cards, showing fuel systems ripe for theft and abuse. . New York's new Inspector General puts focus on systemic problems, 5/ 2/11 . and even a laser pistol sight to Nigeria, reports the New York Daily News.

Travel Credit Card Program:Controls Generally Effective, but Some ...
Feb 9, 2010 . This transmits our final audit report on the Office of the Chief Financial Officer's management of . OCFO Travel Credit Card Policies and Procedures . 2 THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS • Office of the Inspector General .

Jan 25, 2012 . Re: OIG-12-208: Alleged Theft/Unauthorized Use of Credit Card . Enclosed please find a copy of the OIG's investigative report regarding this . 2. That later that same day ABQ1 discovered her Visa debit card was missing .

Is there a role here for governments to take a more active consumer-protection role?

Index to the Reports of the
Administration Division Governor's Office. Telephone Credit Card Misuse 92- 0006-2. Administration Division Inspector General's Office. Annual Report for FY .

1 INSPECTOR GENERAL REPORT 2010-09-0224 October 14 ...
Inspector General Staff Attorney Kristi Shute, after an investigation by Special . 2 . Express (“WEX”) fuel credit card to purchase fuel for INDOT vehicles. Each .

Senator Scott Brown Vs NOAA | RedState
Feb 21, 2012 . The only things missing from the IG report are the inevitable government credit card expenditures on cocaine, Cialis and hookers. .

2011-175 DATE OF REPORT - State of Ohio Inspector General
Mar 29, 2012 . The Report of Investigation by the Ohio Inspector General is a public . Voyager Fleet credit card transaction reports detail the following information: . (Exhibit 2) Section 8, Monthly Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Maintenance .

March 15, 2012 - Item 37 - Executive Management and Audit ...
Mar 15, 2012 . SUBJECT: OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL REPORT ON . Reviewed corporate credit card transactions and business expense reports to ascertain . Reviewed external audit reports issued in the past 2 years.

Office of the Inspector General Follow-Up Audit Report: CPSC's ...
Prior Reconimendation 2: Employees siiouid be provided procedures on the use . Because certain common expenses Wiil not be payable hy credit card ( .

Inspector General. Subject: FLRA's FY 2002 Use of Government Credit Card. Reference: Federal Travel Manual, Sections 300605. In response to Congressional .

Mar 13, 2012 . Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux said, “The prior leadership wasted the people's money . Finding # 2: NOAB employees and the former Chairman did not provide the required . submit a report for his credit card transactions.

Do you think banks will really get the message?

CFTC - Semiannual report of the Office of the Inspector General
2. CFTC Programs and Operations . . Report of IG Assessment CFTC's Management Challenges ...................................................... 5 . The review of travel credit cards will be limited to fiscal year 2009, with emphasis placed on experiences .

Joint Response by the Inspectors General of the - Board of ...
Associate Inspector General for Legal Services, Board of Governors of the Federal . prescribe rules, issue guidelines, and conduct a study or issue a report . Estate Settlement Procedures Act and (2) simplifying credit card agreements to .

FF-AR-11-007 - USPS · Office of Inspector General
Feb 9, 2011 . Further, the Postal Service did not cancel 2491 credit cards issued to former . 2 Electronic Travel Voucher System Controls (Report Number .

AMERICAN EXPRESS GOVERNMENT CREDIT CARDS. Table of Contents . Inspector General reports regarding the personal use of all government credit . using the account for personal purposes; (2) examining the controls in place to .

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What Does the Inspector General Know about Obama's SSN? | We ...
Mar 16, 2012 . The Inspector General's Report, August 26, 2009, 2 “Effectiveness of . A credit card holder, who has had identity theft problems in the past and .

Inspector General Institute | Certification and Training for Inspection ...
The Association of Inspectors General presents its Inspector General Institute certification programs. . review process; Identifying an reporting monetary benefits; Contract auditing . 2012 Winter- Clearwater, FL – February 26 – March 2, 2012 . this form: Inspector General Institute – Tuition Payment by Credit or Debit Card .

NASA Travel Management Can Be Improved, Says NASA IG
Feb 27, 2012 . Use of company credit cards for personal expenses. See? We're all in the same boat! This is why you need to review the NASA IG report in .


How do I report Medicaid recipient fraud? - NJ Home
2. How do I report consumer fraud in New Jersey such as billing disputes, . service, failure to deliver goods, Internet sales disputes, check or credit card scams, . The Social Security Administration, Office of Inspector General investigates .

Articles: NOAA's Party Boat
Mar 13, 2012 . The IG report in the FOIA response is heavily redacted -- for privacy . Inappropriate use of personal credit card for nearly $12000 in vessel operating costs. . Well, #2 and #4b can get you lots of hard time in a federal slammer .

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Complaints G-M - Naval Inspector General
DoD 5500.7-R, Sections 2-302 . Report improper gift giving or receipt to the chain of command or the local IG. . of government telephones, government credit cards, facsimile machines, equipment and vehicles to the chain of command.

Matt Stoller: Robosigning Still Going on at Wells Fargo, Reports ...
Mar 14, 2012 . It also turns out that the IG interviewed 33 more robosigners used by Wells that the . For instance, banks will now get credit for houses they were going to bulldoze . 2. There are no intrepid journalists? 3. Other. They, the pols and . Well, I'm sure we'll give WF a get out of jail free card along with a couple .

Medical ID Theft / Fraud Information - Office of Inspector General ...
Get help reading your Medicare Summary Notice; Get a free credit report each . Do not let anyone borrow or pay to use your Medicare ID card or your identity.

How to Report Financial Aid Fraud |
2. Call the Office of the Inspector General Hotline. This number is 1-800-647- 8733. Provide the . How to Report Credit Card Fraud Against the Elderly .

robo-signing | Firedoglake
Apr 3, 2012 . I've been following Jeff Horwitz' excellent series on credit card debt collection at American Banker, . By: David Dayen Monday April 2, 2012 7:30 am . HUD IG Report Details Bank Servicer Abuse Directed From the Top .

180-2. TALLAHASSEE, January 2, 2009. Inspector General. POLICIES AND . Reporting Suspected Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment or Exploitation . . Telephones, State Telephone Credit Cards, and Third Party Billing,” CFOP 80-2 “ Property .,%20Policies%20and%20Procedures%20of%20the%20Office%20of%20Inspector%20General.pdf

reports.html | New York State Office of the Inspector General
The Inspector General's Office is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring . Report of Investigation into Allegations of Misconduct by State Wildlife Pathologist Ward Stone, 2/27/12 . Laborer Quits After Misusing State Credit Card, 5/6/10 .

12:59 AM on 11/08/2011

TVA Code of Conduct
office of the Inspector General's confidential empowerline (1-877-866-7840 or www. . faith reports actual or suspected violations of laws or ethics requirements . . TVa travel cards and other credit cards must be used only for official TVa .

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Keith Leggett's Credit Union Watch: March 2012
Mar 30, 2012 . The IG report found that AMAC management's analysis was not sufficiently . by check, share draft or credit card issued by a federal credit union and the tax . NCUA on March 2 announced the unveiling of a new CU Locator .

11:33 PM on 11/07/2011

NRC: Office of the Inspector General Semiannual Report to ...
The Reports Consolidation Act of 2000 requires that each Inspector General . audits and investigations relating to NRC programs and operations; (2) prevent and . Government credit card abuse, and fraud in Federal Government programs.

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To: Marcos José Lapciuc, Chairman and Members, Public Health ...
and expenditures pursuant to its agreement with the PHT.2 The current audit report . report on credit card expenditures. B. . MIAMI-DADE COUNTY OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL . 2. FHS credit card charges, on behalf of. 22 .

10:35 PM on 11/07/2011

Review of Fuel Purchasing and Vehicle Log Process
1 Comdata is the credit card company issuing the State Fuel. Card in . 2. These data and reports were reviewed for compliance with Department directives, .

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Title - DoD-IG
Office of the Deputy Inspector General for Inspections and Policy . as defined in the RFPA (generally, banks, credit unions, and credit card issuers). . unless 1) the subpoena was improperly served, 2) the subpoena was altered . The following facts or documents must be reported to OGC and the Deputy Assistant IG, IPO: .

10:33 PM on 11/07/2011

171717 Maryland Unemployment insurance Quarterly Contribution ...
If you are reporting no wages paid,eriterOon CR CB N016 . credit card, AC. . MAIER BLOCK COMPANY I 2)EMPLOYER NUMBER s)FoR QTR Ei\iDll\iG .

06:22 PM on 11/07/2011

Office of Inspector General - Reports |
Reports. This page provides the Office of Inspector General's .

Identity Theft: What to Do if It Happens to You | Privacy Rights ...
1a. Monitor your credit reports 1b. Security freeze 2. Law enforcement 3. . You apply for a credit card and are turned down because of a low credit score, yet . But be sure to contact the SSA Inspector General to report Social Security benefit .

Draft 2.pmd
Table II - Inspector General Reports with Recommendations that. Funds be Put to . employees have purchase authority on their charge cards, (2) credit limits .

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ing dba credit card

Inspector General Looking Into Unpermitted Street Trash Bins In 1st ...
Feb 28, 2012 . Inspector General Looking Into Unpermitted Street Trash Bins In 1st Ward . – CBS 2 Political Producer Ed Marshall contributed to this report. . So Moreno was taking credit for getting these cans out there — big deal! . Find out how you can enter for a chance to win up to $1000 in Menards gift cards!

05:56 PM on 11/07/2011

DOD IG Responds to Sen. Grassley's Report Card
Jun 20, 2011 . Charles Grassley (R-IA) over how well the DOD IG has been conducting . that the Report Card prepared by your staff does not give credit to many of the . This clause requires Inspectors General in section 2(2) to "provide .

01:44 PM on 11/08/2011

AIMD-97-103R Deferred Maintenance: Reporting Requirements and ...
Accounting OffIce (GAO) and Inspector General (IG) reports discus&ng deferred maintenance. . requirements on this issue, (2) agencies that own large amounts of property, ce Public . VISA and Mastercard credit cards are accepted, also.

02:41 PM on 11/07/2011

IG: VA Network Susceptible to Attack
1 day ago . IG: VA Network Susceptible to Attack Progress Made, but More Must Be Done to Meet FISMA Requirements. . general for audits and evaluations, wrote in a 38- page report dated April 6. . about 2 hours ago. via TweetDeck Reply View Tweet · IdentityG: Las Vegas credit card skimming operation shut down.

02:46 PM on 11/07/2011

Of?ce of the Inspector General Corporation for National Service
system in place during the period and (2) the procurement system complied with statutory and . We have reviewed the report and work papers supporting its . Unallowable and Unsupported Credit Card 26 . OIG Office of Inspector General .

02:13 PM on 11/07/2011

C' i I CAPITAL C°mme'°ig:t§Z§gj:r€;gp'i°ati°" The Victor L. Phillips Co.
reporting a encies to provide CNH Capital with such credit reports upon request. . for Corporations or LLC's in business less than 2 yrs and all partnerships.

01:46 PM on 11/07/2011

Online Hotline Complaint Form - Office of Inspector General
The Office of Inspector General investigates fraud, waste, abuse, and . If you wish to report identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission's identity theft .

The President The White House Washington, D.C. 20500 May 25 ...
May 25, 2010 . to you agency reports concerning a disclosure from Melvin Shibuya, former . government issued travel credit card and failing to pay his travel credit card account in a . Secretary Vilsack tasked the USDA Inspector General (IG) with . The President. Page 2 award soon after the USDA Office of Human .

Apr 15, 2011 . Reporting of Statements of Financial Interests . 2. 7. 15. 21. 10. 18. 19. 8. 13. 15. 19. 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. 2004 . Check / Credit Card .

Federal Eye - Report Details Fraud and Abuse at TVA
Mar 6, 2009 . A two-year review by the inspector general's office at the Tennessee Valley . on credit cards provided by the government-backed corporation.

OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL (Semiannual Report to the ...
Oct 1, 2004 . the Government Printing Office Inspector General Act of. 1988, Title II of Public Law . timely deposits of cash as required by CH-2 of GPO. Publication 435.1 and . Flash Report on Credit Card Charges to Customers for .

Committee Reports - 112th Congress (2011-2012) - Senate Report ...
The Executive Communications comprised reports and information from Executive . Office of the Inspector General's Report on Medium Term Export Credit Program . Annual Report to Congress on the Profitability of Credit Card Operations of . December 2, 2009 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation National Survey of .

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(n) DOD IG memo, “Guidance for the Investigation of. Fraud, Waste, and Abuse . documents. (2) Review official requirement (for purchase card) removed. . 2. 4. Semi-annual Level III APC Reporting........................ 4. 5. Credit Balances.

02:21 PM on 11/07/2011

The Clinton Crime Family
(The Detroit News, 2/16/97; Miami Herald, 1/19/97; The Washington Post, 10/20/ 96) . An Energy Department inspector general report stated that part of the $4.6 . USIA Inspector General, Marian Benett, covered up credit-card fraud by USIA .

01:47 PM on 11/08/2011

Audit of Desktop Computer Acquisitions at the Idaho National ...
The Office of Inspector General wants to make the distribution of its reports as customer friendly and cost effective as possible. Therefore, this report will be . 2. Introduction.................................... 2. Scope and Methodology........................... 2. Background. . implementing credit card and property procedures for computer .

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Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General ...
To Report Suspected Wrongdoing in VA Programs and Operations. Call the . regional office management until corrective actions are completed. VA Office of Inspector General. 2 . I concur with the findings on the credit card issues and we .

Peace Corps Office of Inspector General
We determined that seven recommendations, numbers 2,. 4, 9, 10, 11, 14, and . recommendation in the IG's Preliminary Report to accurately reflect '24 business hours' vs. . travel payments via IFO and the PCVs' bank, Credit Agricole, using Dakar vendors who . Signature cards are currently on file in the cashier's office.

Identity Theft Directory of Resources | ID Theft, Privacy, Information ...
Credit Cards and Credit Card Fraud ( 7 Articles ); Credit Reports ( 1 Articles ) . 2, ACCESS, American Consumer Credit Education Support Services,: . 4, Department of Education – Office of Inspector General – Report Student Loan Fraud .

Police & Fire - Windsor Terrace-Kensington, NY Patch
Reports from the 72nd Precinct. POLICE & FIRE; Lauren Evans; 2 days ago . In this Article: Police Blotter: Credit Card Theft and Burglaries · Photos (2) .

Office of Inspector General SEMIANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS ...
The report is submitted in accordance with the Inspector General Act of 1978, . 60 Reviews See Page 6 NEH OIG Semiannual Report 2 March 2006 AUDIT AND . NEH Administrative Directive M-108, U.S. Government Credit Card Program .

09:11 PM on 11/07/2011

IG Report of Ames Investigation
SUBJECT: Distribution of Unclassified Abstract IG Report of Ames Investigation . 2. Later in 1985, the first Agency efforts were initiated to ascertain whether the . loan that had been "tapped to the max," mounting credit card payments, and, .

12:42 PM on 11/07/2011

Following reports of charge card misuse within the DoD, the. Secretary of Defense . Recommendation CO-2: Implement an overarching regulation covering charge card . The IG DoD and Defense Components will use all available means to . new DoD applicants for the government purchase and credit cards. Required .

HHS Cops: Enforcement of Security Rule Poor - HDM Latest News ...
May 17, 2011 . Two reports from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General take issue with the way HHS agencies are ensuring the security of electronic protected . Breach at Boston Hospital Imperils Credit Card Data . Stage 2 Meaningful Use: A New Level of Information Exchange .

Report on Indirect Cost Rates Proposed by NAFSA: Association of ...
and by acceptance the report becomes a product of the Inspector General. ~ . A- 122, Codified at 2 CFR Part 230, Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations, and . NAFSA believes that bank charges in general and, specifically, credit card .

U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of ...
Jun 17, 2011 . Evaluation of HUD's Governmentwide Purchase Card Program . The Office of Inspector General (OIG), Inspections and Evaluations Division, . The problems described in this report indicate vulnerability to fraud, . Handbook 2212.1 REV- 2, Government Wide Commercial Credit Card Program, provides .

Audit questions Tennessee Valley Authority credit card use ...
Mar 2, 2009 . Source: TVA Inspector General “Review of TVA's Purchasing Card . general audit reported that TVA was using employee credit cars to spend .

How to Avoid College Scholarship Scams and Tricks
Wants your credit card information to “hold” a scholarship for you? . It's unethical (a crime even). And it can backfire, big time. 2. Scholarships for profit. . The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports that many of the sources provided by scholarship . Contact the DOE's Office of Inspector General at 1-800-MIS-USED .

We are talking about adults here, if people can't dicipline themselves when it comes to their finances, should anyone else be allowed to tell them what to do? Is it anyone else's business? Should these people be allowed to blame anyone but themselves? Should others be denied access because some can't controll themselves?
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NASA OIG Reports You Have Never Seen Before - NASA Watch
Aug 19, 2009 . 2. Bird Strike Safety Precautions at KSC (Kennedy Space Center), April . IG-98- 003, Use of Government Credit Card by Someone Other Than .

02:25 PM on 11/07/2011

A-13-03-23088 - Alternative Format - Office of the Inspector General ...
As we reported in November 2001, SSA's travel card program has had a low . If Citibank does not receive payment of the undisputed amount within 120 days, Citibank may cancel the credit card. . Page 2 The Honorable Charles E. Grassley .

Phone Book - Fort Bragg, NC - U.S. Army
Espionage Reporting 396-4809. FORCSOM . For credit card calls dial, 97+1+ 800+7 digit number. . 2. Moving or changing of telephone equipment will be performed by the Network Enterprise Center Ft. Bragg. . Inspector General (IG) 26 .

03:15 PM on 11/07/2011

HUD OIG Recovery Act
This report does not contain recommendations and no further action is . included (1) ineligible purchases using employee credit cards, (2) unreasonable rental of . The HUD Office of inspector General (OIG) conducted the audit to determine .

12:40 PM on 11/07/2011

Municipal Fuel Management Advisory , February 2010
Feb 3, 2010 . Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General. Address: . The attached report is an advisory to assist municipalities in preventing and . 2 Gas credit cards are usually issued by a particular gasoline company/franchise and .

12:39 PM on 11/07/2011

Expense-reporting programs with electronic credit card receipts ...
Apr 1, 2003 . Employees may pay for business T&E by using the credit card or, . des·ig·nat·ing , des·ig·nates 1. To indicate or specify; point out. 2. To give a .

News and Investigations Report Details CPS Free Lunch Fraud ...
Jan 5, 2012 . Findings by the Chicago Public Schools inspector general follow an investigation by the BGA and CBS 2 Chicago. . Andy Shaw on Credit Card Abuse · crains chicag business logo 120 .

01:12 PM on 11/07/2011

In The News - NEW ORLEANS Office of Inspector General
The Office of Inspector General serves the citizens of the City of .

01:51 PM on 11/07/2011

Grave mistakes costing consumers money and time; Government ...
Jul 7, 2011 . "When I used the debit card, unfortunately, the police were called and . But according to a 2008 Inspector General's report, data entry is the "primary source of error. . If you check your credit report at least once a year, you're likely to spot . Report #2: Inspector General 2010 report - .

ScamSafe: Identity theft - Privacy - Security - Scams
Identity theft protection, scams, fraud, privacy, credit reports and credit scores are . of service providers that meet the credit card company's data security standards . During a conference call April 2 to discuss the situation, Global Payments . States Postal Service, Office of Inspector General, “Opeoluwa Adigun reflects just .

Reading Room - USPS · Office of Inspector General
2/27/12, CA-MA-12-001, Contract Delivery Service Cost Controls in the Suncoast District. 2/09/12, DA-MA-12- . Click here to view the audit reports in a new window. . 06/24/2010, Former Postal Worker Sentenced For Stealing Credit Cards .

12:20 PM on 11/07/2011

(CIA IG report, p. 57). Ames also agreed as part of the separation agreement to pay all the outstanding credit card and other miscellaneous debts, which .

Investigation Manual
0901 INTRODUCTION: IG investigators must understand the type of conduct . including adversely commenting on such conduct in a fitness report or other evaluation. . a government-issued credit card, or using government personnel or equipment . further implementation (see DoD Directive 5500.7 at paragraph B(2 )(a)).

IEC Journal: Issues: Misuse of Govt. Resources
Feb 13, 2012 . Posted by IEC Team 2 in Issues: Misuse of Govt. . of her position and government credit card and used to offset her personal credit card debt. . A Department of State IG report quoted in TPM Muckraker shows a downside of .